First Comes Love...

By Allison Sass

There's no questioning that breakups are hard for everyone involved. The end of a relationship signals the end of a chapter in your life and suddenly all you can remember are the good times you spent with the person.

Eventually you do move on, and find that you are happier without the relationship. You can look back on the fun times and remember them without gut wrenching pain.

That is, until you find out that your ex has found someone new. The pangs of distress start to rush back, but you suffocate them- telling yourself that you wish only happiness on your old flame.

Then you find out that your ex is getting married.  In the post grad world, marriage all of a sudden becomes very real.

My first, long-term boyfriend and I dated for 3+ years, calling it off in college because of distance and the fact that what we wanted out of life was just so different. Imagine my surprise that less than a year after our breakup he was engaged, and 6 months later, married. In the world of Facebook and blogging, nothing is kept private. I watched it all unravel so publicly online, and was in complete shock.

I remember that the day he was married was the day I moved into my first apartment before my senior year at SUNY Geneseo. It seemed appropriate, since my focus on academics and my future, and his focus on settling down quickly was ultimately what drove us apart. That doesn't mean I didn't shed a few tears.

As much as I hate to admit it, you will likely find yourselves in a similar predicament at one point in the coming years post grads. Maybe not in the next year or so, but mid to late 20's are prime marriage years. Here's a few tips on how to deal:

- Don't go to the wedding! If you and your ex are civil, you might find a wedding invitation turn up in your mailbox. Think about how your stomach feels as you open. If you are calm and purely happy for the couple, then attend. If your stomach does somersaults and you immediately toss the invitation across the room- think twice ( a nice congratulations card will do).

-Stay out of it. What hurt the most to me was that my ex's wedding was plastered across social media websites. Even if I wasn't looking for it, it somehow sprang across my computer screen. However, this does not give you the right to ask your mutual Facebook friends about wedding details, or comment on anything about the wedding. Take the high road, post grads!

-Allow them to do the contacting. Do not send them emails after the wedding "catching up", when really you are "checking up" on their new lives. Even if you casually email prior to the wedding, allow them to make the first move in contacting you after things are official.

-Stay positive. Whether you are with someone great and the whole wedding business has just got you nostalgic, or you are alone and bitter that your ex is not, don't worry, your time will come. Just think you've got all sorts of fun weddings to look forward to! Family members, friends, and someday, if you so desire, your own.

Quick Tip Of The Day: Save Big With Coupon Codes

If I had known about this before I'd be saving a ton of money!

Quick Tip Of The Day: Save Big With Coupon Codes.

What Does it Mean to Be a Grown Up?

By Shikole Struber

I just used the unexpected extra money I had this week to make an early payment on one of my student loans instead of buying new boots, flats, and a bag.

Legally we are adults at 18. However very few of us act like it then. The decision I made this morning got me thinking about what it actually means to be a grown up, and if somehow I have become one.

Here are some things I think contribute to being a grown up:

  • Taking responsibility (for anything and everything)

  • Making the responsible decision instead of the fun one (paying loans instead of buying shoes)

  • Being honest (goes with taking responsibility. Why lie about who made a mess of the kitchen?)

Those are the major characteristics I see that separate a child from a grown up. What do you think contributes?

Consider Your Readers At ALL Times

By Allison Sass

As recent grads, it's likely that most of you have at least thought about blogging, for either personal of professional reasons. Blogging is the thing to do right now, and I love it (obviously). I think that blogs are a great way for people to connect and share their opinions.

If you start a blog that you hope will attract a large fan base of readers, it's important that you are respectful to your readers. You might think, but this blog is MINE and if decide that I want to whine and put down others, I can do what I want. And.. you can. But don't expect to still have loyal readers when you're through.

Yesterday after work, I came across an article about a Marie Claire blogger downing a new television show that revolves around a romance between two overweight individuals. In her blog, writer Maura Kelly says, " I find it aesthetically displeasing to watch a very, very fat person simply walk across a room." and blames the new t.v. show for promoting obesity. Did she not stop to think that many of her loyal readers might be struggling with their own weight related problems?

What saddens me the most is that this blogger isn't just a cynical recent graduate with a hatred for the world, or an angsty teen. She is in her 30's and supposedly an accomplished writer. The fact that Marie Claire  published this blog on their website gives this well-respected women's lifestyle magazine a tarnished reputation.

The moral of all of this? Think long and hard about the audience you are attracting with your blog, and whether your blog is straight up offending them. It's one thing to talk about taboo subjects- it's entirely another to call your readers "fatties".

 Technology is great, and our generation embraces it more than most. It's also great to have an opinion, all good bloggers do! But please remember state it gracefully, keeping your readers in mind.. or else you'll find yourself in a Maura Kelly comment bashing situation, with noone to blame but yourself.

Stay classy, post grads.

Biggest Post Grad Fantasy

By Shikole Struber

I've had a lot of fantasies in my life. Some of them I've fulfilled, some are too far out there to ever make a reality, few of which I'm willing to share here. My absolute biggest fantasy so far as a post grad, though, has got to be running away.

I know, it sounds like I'm an angst filled thirteen year old who hates her mother and thinks she can hitch hike to the next town and be happy. But I'm serious. My biggest fantasy is to just get in my car and drive. I don't want to tell anyone where I'm going. I don't want my cell phone so I can't be reached. I don't want to put in notice at work or worry about being late.

Think about it. Complete freedom from all responsibility. Except for maybe car insurance payments so I can get around. Responsibility is driving me insane. All I want to do is run away. Even if it's just for a week I think I'd be happy.

What is your biggest post grad fantasy?

Thank You For Not Stealing My Bike

By Allison Sass

Oh wait, you DID steal my bike.

This weekend, my bike was stolen by an inconsiderate, mean hearted person. While I am still fuming, this incident has been just another lesson, pushing me far out of my post grad naive bubble. 

While a bike might be safe unlocked under the porch in some neighbors, my quiet dead-end street in Rochester is apparently not one of them. What gets me the most is that the thief didn't waste any time. I hadn't even had my bike at my apartment for a week before it was taken.

As Shikole learned with her recent car break in, locking your personal belongings away is important, no matter where you live. Too bad I didn't even have a chance to purchase a lock for my bike before it was gone..

Oh well, you live and you learn.. such is the life of a post grad.

Thank You for Not Stealing My Car

By Shikole Struber

This morning my roommates and I went out to my car for a nice field trip to IHOP. To my surprise and confusion my passenger door was somewhat ajar, as was my glove box and little compartment between the front seats. Luckily nothing had been broken or stolen (probably because I have nothing to steal and the doors were unlocked so no point in breaking anything).

I have to admit that many many people have been telling me to lock my car for years and I never listened. I am stubborn like that and never saw the need because my car is a piece of shit. This reckless behavior finally caught up with me. While I was extremely lucky that my car is still where I parked it, and nothing was taken or broken, I will also now admit that I should have listened and locked my car.

I'm not what you would say scared that someone opened the door and looked around. I am just a wee bit concerned that they have some of my personal information now. The glove box was open where my registration and insurance card is kept. Nothing was missing but it could've been looked at.

All I have to say now is that I have learned my lesson and at least it didn't also get egged or something.

The End

By Shikole Struber

It is the last day of the challenge to not eat out or order in for 1 whole week. I think I have saved about $45 by doing this. It made me feel less guilty about spending money on other things, like a cab to the bar last night. It's amazing how much eating out adds up. It is more convenient and less messy, but you have to weigh the worth of your money and that of loading a dishwasher.

The challenge also helped me venture out and find new things to cook, and also helped me discover what some things are actually used for. I had never used tomato paste before this challenge. I didn't really understand why it existed. But it did make a great addition to soup.

Challenge number 1 successfully complete!

Owning It: De-Stress Techniques

By Allison Sass

We all have an inner dork lurking within us. This is very different from the "ironic dorks" that so many post grad "hipsters" pride themselves on being, or the "stereotypical dorks" that thrive on memorizing calculus formulas and shopping for their newest pocket protector.

Inner dorks are much more embarrassing. These are the quirks that make up so much of who we are, yet we try as hard as possible to protect from being seen by the outside public. Well readers, I am going to level with you and offer up a few of my own my quirks. There are far to many for one entry, but since it's friday, I thought I'd talk about the ways I de-stress after work.

I do de-stress using some pretty common techniques. I go to the gym often, read, or enjoy a glass of tea or wine. But lets move past the boring stuff here- bring on the embarrassing!

One of my favorite ways to relax before heading to bed is to watch TLC/ HGTV/Discovery Health tv shows. Do they provide me with actual knowledge? No.. well maybe more than the Jersey Shore.. but mostly no. I just love watching newlyweds redesign their homes and polygamist family drama.

I also love to play the piano, I have this awesome keyboard in my room that I should probobly bust out some classical or indie rock music on. Instead I enjoy learning how to play 90's pop songs (I learned Hit Me Baby One More Time last week) and Taylor Swift tunes (although I've already stated in a past entry that her music is my guilty pleasure).

When I do indulge in my stereotypical evening workouts, I like to listen to the most vulgar rap music I can get my hands on. The more cursing and offensive innuendos the better, for some reason this pumps me up on the treadmill.

Since Shikole and I have been friends for a very long time, I'd thought I'd wrap up this post by sharing one of our relaxation traditions when we are both home in the Hudson Valley. You would think we look forward to doing the typical, shopping the night away, seeing a movie, girl thing, but no no no.

What we enjoy most is buying nerds rope from our favorite Stewart's gas station, heading to our local community college parking lot, sitting there (in the car still) and gossiping. I guess the community college could technically be considered a landmark now though, since it's where Snookie went to college before hitting it big on the Jersey Shore.

What do you do to relax that you don't normally share? Write your relaxation tips in the comments and own your inner dork!

The Food Challenge Rages On!

By Allison Sass

The post grad food challenge has actually been a lot easier than I thought.. especially cutting out caffeine. While I generally don't need caffeine daily, I do sometimes crave it, especially on a crazy workday. Well, today was one of the most hectic I've had since starting at my new job and I didn't even consider caffeine an option. (I also didn't have any.. but maybe that's the key for me, out of sight, out of mind.)

I'm sticking to my excercise routine and headed to my spinning class in a bit. Who knows, maybe I'll keep this vegetable heavy diet going past this week? It's all about finding a healthy balance.

While many post grads wouldn't think to subject themselves to a caffeine free diet, I highly recommend you try, even if it's only cutting back from two to one cup of coffee a day.

 A healthier you = more productive employee = more energy after work = a fufilling post grad life. I know, I know.. I often trick people into thinking I was a math major in college.

Let's Get It On

By Shikole Struber

While I recognize this may be a taboo topic for some, in reality, sex is a part of life. It does not need to be shied away from and should certainly be addressed here because it is a part of life for many post grads.

When I finally get off work an hour and half after I'm supposed to there are only two things I want: a beer and some great sex to relieve the stress the day produced. But in post grad life it becomes more difficult to get it on as often as we'd like, for people both in a relationship and those who are single.

The schedules of people in a relationship don't always match up to allow for nightly romps. One works nights or one doesn't get home until after dinner time or you live too far from each other to realistically be able to see each other during the week. Or both partners can be too tired after work to exert the energy for sex. Bottom line is that the lifestyle post grad has forced on us is not always conducive to mind blowing action in the bedroom.

And if you're single, let me tell you, you either need a very reliable booty call buddy or you're screwed, and not in the way you'd like. It's not easy to just "find" someone. Dating takes a lot of work. And sometimes you just want to get laid.

Sex is good for us after all. It has been proven to:
  • Reduce Stress
  • Release endorphins (making us happier)
  • Increase our immune system function

Less stress, less sick, and more happy. More benefits can be found here.  I think all those things would help us in post grad life!

Is it possible to have a fulfilling sex life post grad? (Some) Married couples seem to have accomplished this. Maybe it just takes time to adjust. I was speaking to a woman a couple weeks ago who informed me that it took her and her body about three years to adjust to schedules and attention span expected in the working world. I really hope she is wrong because I don't think I can last three years being exhausted every day, however the adjustment aspect seems legit.

Rememeber that sex can make you healthier, and should not be ignored as a topic because it is taboo. Good luck post grads. I hope your immune systems get boosted.

Thirsty Thursday?

By Shikole Struber

The hump day of my challenge was successful. I didn't buy any food yet! Not even coffee! Which has inadvertently caused me to cut down on caffeine as well. My body doesn't agree with it much though, I was in bed by 10:30pm  on Tuesday. I'm craving more coffee!

I have discovered during this challenge that meals that are all-inclusive are the best ideas ever. By that I mean meals that have a grain, meat/protein, a vegetable, and dairy. All inclusive. You need one dish and are full and satisfied after. My soup (yes I'm mentioning it again) was perfect for that. Pasta with chicken, spinach and some parmesan cheese would also work well. Rice with Chili and cheese is another great plan for such meals.

Two more days of eating in to go!


By Allison Sass

Us post grads are stressed out pretty much constantly. Whether its work, bills, apartment mishaps, car failure, relationships, or general lack of free time that's got us down, we all feel it in one way or another. If you lead a stress free post grad life, more power to you. Please be my life coach.

For the rest of us, we need to find ways to cope so that our stressful days don't result in an eventual mental breakdown. My new way to cope with stress? Spinning.

Spinning classes are taught in a group setting and utilize stationary bikes. Visualization, resistance changes, and intense excercises complement your constant peddling. Most hour-long spinning classes will clock you in at about a 15- 20 mile ride, depending on your speed. Did you know you can do push ups on a bike? You can.

Spinning workouts are hard, and if you rarely hit the gym, I would suggest working up to them for a few weeks before jumping in. During the class you might want to kill your instructor, or cut off your aching legs- but afterwards you feel the rush of endorphins that accompanies a solid workout.

For any guys that think spinning is for women, I challenge you to take a class. You will feel more centered and proud that you accomplished something physical after your long workday. Many gyms offer free week-long trials, and some classes might let you attend a class free before committing, so check it out! Reduce your stress and remember to stay healthy post grads!


Shikole - I made my soup last night. It was a huge success and made an insane amount of it. Not only was it my lunch today but will likely be my lunch for the rest of the week. Unless I get bored with it. In which case it will be dinner.

I realized that this challenge isn't all that difficult when you don't have time for a social life. The weekends are/will be hard, but during the week I don't have time to go out for food anyway. I would sometimes buy lunch, but my amazing soup has solved that problem for now.

I wonder, though, if buying more coffee during the day will count against me. I make a cup in the morning but need more by 1pm. Am I allowed to go buy a cup while on the challenge or suffer through caffeine withdrawal?

Allison- Day three is treating me well so far. This type of lifestyle really is such an adjustment, as I found again last night when it took me nearly a half hour to prepare my lunch for today. It's worth it though, and I know my body will eventually be thanking me. I'm trying hard to break the "convenient is best" idea that seems to plague so many stressed post grads.

I had green beans, broccoli, and brussel sprouts with a little bit of chicken for lunch today. Grapes and a banana for a snack this morning along with my daily brown rice breakfast.  Tonight, I'll have the other half of my chicken breast and lots more vegetables. Spinning class is tonight too- I wonder if my new diet will amp me up or drag me down as I complete that insane workout.. thankfully I have a great instructor.

This is a Career?

By Allison Sass

One college class that has greatly impacted my post grad life so far was one of my Communication courses called Electronic Publishing. Before taking this class my Junior year, I knew I wanted to write as a part of my career.. and that was it. I had tried a few different mediums (newspapers, magazines, video news) but nothing seemed like a perfect fit to me. I signed up for the class because it would count towards my major, but what I learned throughout that semester has honestly changed my life.

One of my favorite professors at Geneseo taught this course. As with all of her classes, she provided us with many options to actually get out there and write on the web, rather than learning only the theory behind electronic publishing. We were graded on a weekly blog that focused on one specific topic. My blog focused on young activists and how they use the web to further their cause. 

During the class I viewed my assignments as a sort of relief from my other coursework. At this point, I realized I might want to pursue electronic publishing as a career. With guidance from my professor, I started blogging on my own and familiarizing myself with all sort of social media.

After graduation, I found a job listing for an Online Content Manager that sounded exactly like the electronic publishing course I had taken in college.  I went for it, and I can now proudly say that I write you this blog after spending a long day researching, editing website text, and blogging for my company.

The class hasn't only helped me to land a job, it has taught me that blogging is more than reporting facts and circumstances. It's a personal way to share what you think is important with readers- and encourage a response.

My professor told me once that blogging must have a specific purpose that helps readers in some way, so that they will come back time and time again. I hope that we have succeeded in doing this on The Real Post Grad! Remember, we're always writing for you.

Machiavelli and Plato Walk into a Bar

By Shikole Struber

There are very few college classes that have helped me in real life. The ones that stand out most were the political theory classes I took with a very intelligent professor. While what I learned there does not relate directly to life, (knowing that Locke was a proponent of liberty and that Hobbes thought everyone was inherently evil doesn't help when billing my clients) the principles I learned have helped me further my critical thinking.

Political Theory, at least with the amazing Professor Flanagan, was more of a class to develop your views on the world independently from all of the things we are told growing up. It taught me to question everything and to think through a problem before giving up. Most of the time, as Flanagan pointed out, the answer is obvious. The problem is that everyone is afraid to say it because of the fear of being wrong or ridiculed.

The lessons of the classic philosophers are important, and when studied correctly can create a greater understanding of the motivations of government and society. However, their lessons cannot be directly applied because we already have a society. We cannot go back to the State of Nature and begin again. Their lessons need to first be interpreted and put into perspective. The realities in the Prince are very different than the realities faced today.

Anyway, the moral of my story is that political theory classes were the ones that helped me most post grad although not directly. I highly recommend them.


By Shikole Struber

I'm not going to lie to you all, I had Pizza last night. However, I consulted with the judges and it was determined that because I did not pay for the pizza that I am still within my guidelines of the challenge. The point is to save money, if I did not pay for the food, it doesn't count.

On another note, I made my coffee at home (I do that anyway but it still counts) and grabbed a cereal bar. I brought leftover pasta stuff for lunch and so far am just bummed it's Monday. I sadly did not have a chance to make the soup last night because of the beer brewing. But tonight I will succeed!

Stay tuned.

Food Challenge Day 2

By Allison Sass

Today is my second day of my healthy/non processed food challenge and I've been good about sticking to the plan. I've cut off caffeine completely and replaced it by upping my daily exercise routine (who knew that exercising more could give you energy?). We will see how I'm feeling in the next few workdays as I'm sitting at my desk...  

I've also been eating loads of green vegetables and eating fresh fruit when I crave something sweet - the diet only calls for one piece of fresh fruit a day but hey, baby steps people. Did I mention that I had brown rice for breakfast this morning? yum...

As a post grad with a busy schedule, I'm always looking for grab and go lunch options. I have to say that preparing my food challenge lunches has taken me a much longer time than usual. To try and combat this, I prepared my lunches for the next three days on Sunday, when I wasn't exhausted after a long day in the office.

To sum it all up, I am surviving the food challenge so far. Stay tuned!

Sunday Shopping

By Shikole Struber

Went shopping for my challenge. I bought the basics like pasta, mac and cheese and cold cuts for sandwiches. Cereal, eggs and milk were also included. I also bought the ingredients for All American Cheeseburger Soup and some brownie mix for snacking purposes. While I have not executed making anything yet, supplies have been bought.

I've realized that the hardest part of this challenge is saying no to friends I haven't seen in a while when they invite me to dinner. I would like to point out though, that getting drinks is not included in this challenge. While it is highly recommended and cheaper to drink at home, I need something social so I will keep my alcohol. Although, to be fair, my housemates and I started the process of brewing our own beer today. That takes a few weeks to ferment though, so we can't drink that yet.

Wish me luck!

6 Month Grace Period

By Shikole Struber

The 6 month grace period on our student loans is almost up. This means a lot of things. First it means that us post grads are likely going to be broke yet again. It also means that it is time to be on hold for hours trying to get information. Frustration and anxiety levels will rise, and bank accounts will decline. Good times.

While I appreciate greatly having 6 months to figure my life out and get a job to pay back the huge amounts of student loans I have, I am recently wondering why they chose this length of time. Am I going to magically be making more money after 6 months? No.

Being Your Own Cheerleader

By Allison Sass

We've had a few articles recently about how the quest for happiness in post grad life can be trampled by feelings of depression and anxiety. Something that makes me anxious, and I'm sure loads of other post grads out there,  is not receiving constant positive reinforcement. I'm the type of person who likes to get things done quickly and efficiently. I put my whole heart into the projects I'm dedicated to, and I thrive on the rewards that come with them. In college, we are always rewarded, either with praise from our helpful professors, fellow students, or with grades.  In the post grad world, things are different.

I've learned to cherish every "good job" I receive at this point in my life, because they are few and far between. It's not that I think I deserve more positive reinforcement, but it did take me a while to adjust that when I complete a task well, it is just seen as a part of my job. In reality,  I'm getting paid to complete daily tasks, so why shouldn't they be done correctly?

Here are a few ways I've learned to cope with my need for reinforcement in the post grad world- I hope they can help some of you out there struggling with the same thing

- Vent.  I feel bad for my family, friends and boyfriend for having to listen to me talk about my post grad frustrations, but it's never good to keep emotions bottled up inside. Believe me, I've learned this from years of doing just that

- Congratulate yourself. Did you finish an assignment at work before deadline, or just do a really awesome job with it? Take five minutes and give yourself a mental break so you can soak up the fact that you are doing good work.

-Cherish the small things. Remember the day when your parents used to pin your A+ spelling test to the refrigerator? Do the same thing for yourself. Save emails of praise in a special folder in your email account. This way if you're having an off day, you can simply pull open the folder and remember that you are valued.

Post Grad Mental Health: Adjustment Disorder

By Shikole Struber

Have you recently had feelings of hopelessness? Dramatic changes in appetite? Isolation from people and social activities? No this is not a commercial for some sort of medication. I'm describing adjustment disorder. A real mental illness that many people go through after a major life event. Above are just a few of the symptoms.

Adjustment disorder sets in within three months of a major event, in this case graduating from college. Unlike other disorders, adjustment disorder usually subsides within 6 months. However, if left untreated other mental disorders may develop, including depression and substance abuse.

Symptoms to watch for:

  • Sadness

  • Frequent crying

  • Feeling tired or without energy

  • Trouble sleeping

  • Absence from work

  • Anxiety

  • Headaches or stomach-ache

  • Increase in the use of alcohol or drugs

  • Dangerous or destructive behavior

Treatment for adjustment disorder is counseling. Learning healthy coping methods helps get rid of it. Instead of chugging those three glasses of wine try a cup of tea and some chocolate. Or maybe just sip on one glass of wine, much healthier. The most important thing is to not let yourself slip into a depression. If you are having many of these symptoms and they are affecting your every day life consult a doctor. No one is alone in this.

Another mental illness that ties very closely to adjustment disorder is substance abuse, which will be a separate post.

*All information gotten from here.

Our First Challenge: Food

We have decided to embark on food related challenges beginning next Sunday, October 17th. Why, you ask? We love a good challenge, and food is a major part of everyone's life- especially of those in their young 20's. It is at this age that we often disregard what's healthy for what's convenient, and think nothing of dropping ten dollars on a sandwich and drink multiple times a week when we are too tired to make food for lunch or after work. 

Eating the right way makes you feel better about yourself, gives you energy (that can always be helpful in the workplace!), and promotes an all around healthy lifestyle.  

Avoiding take-out and restaurants can help you to save money and also promotes a healthier diet and an awareness of food. Let's face it post grads, between rent, gas money, and student loans...we need to save up every penny we can.

Here are our week-long challenges:

Allison- I will be spending one week following this strict fruit/ vegetable detox diet in the hopes to jump-start better eating habits. The diet involves absolutely no sweets, no processed foods, and (gasp) no caffeine. I'm not too interested in losing weight (though that would be a perk), I am more looking for a way to eat healthier in my everyday hectic life.  I will update you daily on my progress and let you know how my extreme healthy eating jump has improved my post grad work life and energy levels.

Shikole- I will be spending the week avoiding eating out and ordering in. For every meal. I will be going grocery shopping on Sunday when the challenge starts and hopefully finding some great low-cost/high flavor recipes to keep me going all week. My goal is to save money on food and drinks. I will keep you updated every day about my progress with turning down dinner invites in favor of making food as well as any recipes I find in the process. Everything I eat must come from home, nothing pre-made.

Remember: our challenges will start Sunday, October 17th! Check back daily for our progress!

4 Reasons to Quit Your Job

By Shikole Struber

Not every job is going to be glamorous. Or even enjoyable. We all know this pretty well. Most post grads have gotten over living in the dream world where they think they will be offered the job of a lifetime right after graduation. (Angry scowls at all who have accomplished this.) But at what point should you stop working at a job? Just because it's not the one you want or in your desired field doesn't necessarily mean you should quit. It is a paycheck that only 24% of the 2010 graduating class is receiving after all.

That said, there are legitimate reasons to quit.

  1. If you are not treated well. This can include sexual harassment, verbal harassment, or being made to do things that are clearly not in your job description and are demeaning (ie being told to clean the bathrooms unless you are a janitor or designated cleaning person.) This COULD extend into the realm of not being appreciated for your work. Not alone, mind you, but paired with other reasons it can definitely contribute to a valid reason for quitting.

  2. If you have another offer that is either better paying or in a field you want to be in. It makes no sense to quit one dead end job to go to another, but if you are being offered more money or if the alternative job is in your desired field then go for it.

  3. If the work environment doesn not work as a lifestyle. If you are working nights but are a morning person, it's time to quit. If you are working from 5am until noon but don't get to sleep until 2am then the job might not be for you. It's hard to try to change your lifestyle for a job, it's easier to get a job that naturally fits your lifestyle. Don't be a bartender if you are in bed by 10pm. Although I know there are people who would disagree with me on this point and say it's better to change your lifestyle to fit the job.

  4. If it is seriously a dead-end job. If there is no room for advancement, no prospects of a raise, and no room for you to grow, then it's ok to move on. An exception might be if you are making a difference in the job. Joining Americorps might be temporary with little room for advancement, but look at all the good you're doing.

These are just a few valid reasons for quitting your job. I am not a proponent of quitting personally, even though the thought has crossed my mind. At least not until number 2 comes along, then I will bid farewell.

We're excited.. are you?

We are over the moon excited about our new .com website in the works, but before we get things up and running, we need some feedback! If you are are a reader that doesn't normally comment, now is the chance to have your voice heard. What do you want to see more of on our new website? Personal stories, specific advice topics, more photos, discussion boards, polls..? Let us know what you think!

Coming Soon!

Coming soon we will be moving our blog to a real .com site. We will keep you posted on the progress of the new site as it is being created.

Very exciting times!

Cars, Cars, Cars

By Allison Sass

Anyone who has driven with me knows that my cute red Dodge Neon is nicknamed "the devil car". Throughout my time with the vehicle I have been towed about five times, and been to the mechanic more times than I can count for everything under the sun, while never actually being in an accident (knock on wood). Shikole and I have had a wide range of conversations about our equally disappointing Dodge Neons, so I thought a post about some tips for post grad car care might be in order.

-Keep up on maintenance. In college, I could survive without checking my oil because I would travel home for breaks and have my Dad check it for me. Now that I am home less frequently (as just because it's a good thing to know), I check my oil myself and am sure to schedule inexpensive maintenance appointments like oil changes and tire rotations.

-Find a reliable mechanic/ garage. Monro Brake and Muffler have been my "go to" garage for all of my car fixing needs. Try to establish a favorite garage in your neighborhood, so that when something goes wrong, you are dealing with mechanics that you can trust and won't take advantage of a young client.

-Come up with a worst case scenario plan. In college, I could walk to the garage if my car needed repairs. I also could walk to campus or take the bus to get groceries.  Now, in Rochester, I've come up with a bus route that I need to take in case of car trouble. Are there busses in your area, subway systems, or taxis? Make sure you have a backup plan! Your car might decide to stop, but your office will continue to run on the same schedule.

-Do your research. If you need to take the car into the garage, get all of the facts before you allow a mechanic to charge you hundreds for a repair. Consult with your car savvy friends/ family members to figure out a plan of attack.

What are your tips for post grads dealing with car trouble?

Spotlight on Gloria Steinem

By Shikole Struber

I had the amazing opportunity to hear Gloria Steinem speak Tuesday night at my alma mater, American University. If anyone can be an inspiration to post grads, it is her.

A brief History:

Steinem graduated from Smith College in 1956. She co-founded Ms. Magazine in 1972. SInce then she has written several books including "Outrageous Acts and Everyday Rebellions" and "Moving Beyond Words." She has founded several organizations including the Women's Action Alliance and Choice USA. More can be discovered about her through her website.  

Steinem is a self-proclaimed "hope-aholic." She also has the most organic and eloquent view on change I have ever heard. Sadly I don't think I can express her belief quite like she did the other night, but she compared change to a butterfly and the types of cells it has in the process of morphing from a caterpillar. Her energy and passion are amazing and I can only hope that I accomplish a quarter as much as she has in my post grad life.

Kilts and Corsets

By Shikole Struber

Allison previously mentioned festivals as a great part of October in post grad life. She is completely right. This past weekend I went to the Renaissance Festival, and the weekend before I attended the National Book festival. I must say the Ren Fest was a little better. So many costumes and weapons and beer and hard cider and jousting. There is fun for everyone! Unless you're the wench everyone is trying to drench.

Last weekend's Ren Fest theme was Celtic Music. So in honor of the Medieval Times and Celtic music, here is some DropKick Murphy's for you all to enjoy.

Happy October

By Allison Sass

October is my favorite month of the year because I feel it encompasses the best of what autumn has to offer. Here are some reasons why it's great to be a post grad in October.

- No more midterms. Midterms in October always took away from my autumn enjoyment at college. Now that you have graduated, your evenings and weekends are free to fill with fun fall activities.

- The need for air conditioning has disappeared. Post grads living in cheap apartments, rejoice!

- Lunch breaks can be spent outside instead of in the air conditioning of your office or car.

- Fall foliage, apple cider, pumpkin carving, hiking, etc..

- Halloween! It's still fun as a post grad! Just think, you won't have to worry about finishing papers and projects in addition to attending as many Halloween parties as possible.

- A wide variety of free festivals. Even if you are an employed post grad, you likely don't have endless amounts of cash to spend on weekend fun. During October, it seems like every weekend is some sort of free festival featuring pumpkin, apples, or both.

Friday Sunshine

By Allison Sass

It's been raining in Rochester all week, so I thought in honor of the fact that it's Friday and finally SUNNY, I'd share one of my favorite songs to end our musical week. Also, I'm seeing them in concert next week and I'm excited, so bear with me.

Strangest Jobs We've Applied For

By Shikole Struber

During the frantic job search right after graduation, as well as throughout the rest of our lives, there have been some employment positions that came around that were very unique, in both good and bad ways.

Personally, I think the strangest job I was offered was dressing up as a princess for a 5 year old's birthday party. It was a neighbor of one of the families I used to babysit for. And their "professional princess" had cancelled last minute. They wanted me to show up in an evening gown type dress and they would supply the crown. I just had to sit in the room and look pretty, literally. Luckily I did not have to go through with this job for these strange people who want a real life princess awkwardly sitting in a room with their children. It would've been easy money though, and definitely qualifies as the strangest job I've been offered.


A friend of mine applied to do curation at the Apothecary Museum.  Yes, that would be a museum of medicine. She said that the job description mentioned that she would have to dress up as a nurse as well.  Talk about creepy. What if she had dropped one of the old bottles of medicine? That could release a disease or something!

What are some of the strangest positions you have applied for? Or been offered? We would love to hear about it!