Let's Get It On

By Shikole Struber

While I recognize this may be a taboo topic for some, in reality, sex is a part of life. It does not need to be shied away from and should certainly be addressed here because it is a part of life for many post grads.

When I finally get off work an hour and half after I'm supposed to there are only two things I want: a beer and some great sex to relieve the stress the day produced. But in post grad life it becomes more difficult to get it on as often as we'd like, for people both in a relationship and those who are single.

The schedules of people in a relationship don't always match up to allow for nightly romps. One works nights or one doesn't get home until after dinner time or you live too far from each other to realistically be able to see each other during the week. Or both partners can be too tired after work to exert the energy for sex. Bottom line is that the lifestyle post grad has forced on us is not always conducive to mind blowing action in the bedroom.

And if you're single, let me tell you, you either need a very reliable booty call buddy or you're screwed, and not in the way you'd like. It's not easy to just "find" someone. Dating takes a lot of work. And sometimes you just want to get laid.

Sex is good for us after all. It has been proven to:
  • Reduce Stress
  • Release endorphins (making us happier)
  • Increase our immune system function

Less stress, less sick, and more happy. More benefits can be found here.  I think all those things would help us in post grad life!

Is it possible to have a fulfilling sex life post grad? (Some) Married couples seem to have accomplished this. Maybe it just takes time to adjust. I was speaking to a woman a couple weeks ago who informed me that it took her and her body about three years to adjust to schedules and attention span expected in the working world. I really hope she is wrong because I don't think I can last three years being exhausted every day, however the adjustment aspect seems legit.

Rememeber that sex can make you healthier, and should not be ignored as a topic because it is taboo. Good luck post grads. I hope your immune systems get boosted.

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  1. In this day and age, who says you need a man? The benefits come from "being happy", not necessarily from the companionship/bonding (although that could be a plus), so why not take out some of the stress and make yourself happy! There are even parties just for this kind of thing, which are generally women only, and show off a variety of goodies. An adult tupperware party, if you will. It may be fun to have a hookup, but why should you deprive yourself if your hookup isn't available?