The Food Challenge Rages On!

By Allison Sass

The post grad food challenge has actually been a lot easier than I thought.. especially cutting out caffeine. While I generally don't need caffeine daily, I do sometimes crave it, especially on a crazy workday. Well, today was one of the most hectic I've had since starting at my new job and I didn't even consider caffeine an option. (I also didn't have any.. but maybe that's the key for me, out of sight, out of mind.)

I'm sticking to my excercise routine and headed to my spinning class in a bit. Who knows, maybe I'll keep this vegetable heavy diet going past this week? It's all about finding a healthy balance.

While many post grads wouldn't think to subject themselves to a caffeine free diet, I highly recommend you try, even if it's only cutting back from two to one cup of coffee a day.

 A healthier you = more productive employee = more energy after work = a fufilling post grad life. I know, I know.. I often trick people into thinking I was a math major in college.


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