Thank You For Not Stealing My Bike

By Allison Sass

Oh wait, you DID steal my bike.

This weekend, my bike was stolen by an inconsiderate, mean hearted person. While I am still fuming, this incident has been just another lesson, pushing me far out of my post grad naive bubble. 

While a bike might be safe unlocked under the porch in some neighbors, my quiet dead-end street in Rochester is apparently not one of them. What gets me the most is that the thief didn't waste any time. I hadn't even had my bike at my apartment for a week before it was taken.

As Shikole learned with her recent car break in, locking your personal belongings away is important, no matter where you live. Too bad I didn't even have a chance to purchase a lock for my bike before it was gone..

Oh well, you live and you learn.. such is the life of a post grad.


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