Our First Challenge: Food

We have decided to embark on food related challenges beginning next Sunday, October 17th. Why, you ask? We love a good challenge, and food is a major part of everyone's life- especially of those in their young 20's. It is at this age that we often disregard what's healthy for what's convenient, and think nothing of dropping ten dollars on a sandwich and drink multiple times a week when we are too tired to make food for lunch or after work. 

Eating the right way makes you feel better about yourself, gives you energy (that can always be helpful in the workplace!), and promotes an all around healthy lifestyle.  

Avoiding take-out and restaurants can help you to save money and also promotes a healthier diet and an awareness of food. Let's face it post grads, between rent, gas money, and student loans...we need to save up every penny we can.

Here are our week-long challenges:

Allison- I will be spending one week following this strict fruit/ vegetable detox diet in the hopes to jump-start better eating habits. The diet involves absolutely no sweets, no processed foods, and (gasp) no caffeine. I'm not too interested in losing weight (though that would be a perk), I am more looking for a way to eat healthier in my everyday hectic life.  I will update you daily on my progress and let you know how my extreme healthy eating jump has improved my post grad work life and energy levels.

Shikole- I will be spending the week avoiding eating out and ordering in. For every meal. I will be going grocery shopping on Sunday when the challenge starts and hopefully finding some great low-cost/high flavor recipes to keep me going all week. My goal is to save money on food and drinks. I will keep you updated every day about my progress with turning down dinner invites in favor of making food as well as any recipes I find in the process. Everything I eat must come from home, nothing pre-made.

Remember: our challenges will start Sunday, October 17th! Check back daily for our progress!


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