This is a Career?

By Allison Sass

One college class that has greatly impacted my post grad life so far was one of my Communication courses called Electronic Publishing. Before taking this class my Junior year, I knew I wanted to write as a part of my career.. and that was it. I had tried a few different mediums (newspapers, magazines, video news) but nothing seemed like a perfect fit to me. I signed up for the class because it would count towards my major, but what I learned throughout that semester has honestly changed my life.

One of my favorite professors at Geneseo taught this course. As with all of her classes, she provided us with many options to actually get out there and write on the web, rather than learning only the theory behind electronic publishing. We were graded on a weekly blog that focused on one specific topic. My blog focused on young activists and how they use the web to further their cause. 

During the class I viewed my assignments as a sort of relief from my other coursework. At this point, I realized I might want to pursue electronic publishing as a career. With guidance from my professor, I started blogging on my own and familiarizing myself with all sort of social media.

After graduation, I found a job listing for an Online Content Manager that sounded exactly like the electronic publishing course I had taken in college.  I went for it, and I can now proudly say that I write you this blog after spending a long day researching, editing website text, and blogging for my company.

The class hasn't only helped me to land a job, it has taught me that blogging is more than reporting facts and circumstances. It's a personal way to share what you think is important with readers- and encourage a response.

My professor told me once that blogging must have a specific purpose that helps readers in some way, so that they will come back time and time again. I hope that we have succeeded in doing this on The Real Post Grad! Remember, we're always writing for you.


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