Shikole - I made my soup last night. It was a huge success and made an insane amount of it. Not only was it my lunch today but will likely be my lunch for the rest of the week. Unless I get bored with it. In which case it will be dinner.

I realized that this challenge isn't all that difficult when you don't have time for a social life. The weekends are/will be hard, but during the week I don't have time to go out for food anyway. I would sometimes buy lunch, but my amazing soup has solved that problem for now.

I wonder, though, if buying more coffee during the day will count against me. I make a cup in the morning but need more by 1pm. Am I allowed to go buy a cup while on the challenge or suffer through caffeine withdrawal?

Allison- Day three is treating me well so far. This type of lifestyle really is such an adjustment, as I found again last night when it took me nearly a half hour to prepare my lunch for today. It's worth it though, and I know my body will eventually be thanking me. I'm trying hard to break the "convenient is best" idea that seems to plague so many stressed post grads.

I had green beans, broccoli, and brussel sprouts with a little bit of chicken for lunch today. Grapes and a banana for a snack this morning along with my daily brown rice breakfast.  Tonight, I'll have the other half of my chicken breast and lots more vegetables. Spinning class is tonight too- I wonder if my new diet will amp me up or drag me down as I complete that insane workout.. thankfully I have a great instructor.


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