By Allison Sass

Us post grads are stressed out pretty much constantly. Whether its work, bills, apartment mishaps, car failure, relationships, or general lack of free time that's got us down, we all feel it in one way or another. If you lead a stress free post grad life, more power to you. Please be my life coach.

For the rest of us, we need to find ways to cope so that our stressful days don't result in an eventual mental breakdown. My new way to cope with stress? Spinning.

Spinning classes are taught in a group setting and utilize stationary bikes. Visualization, resistance changes, and intense excercises complement your constant peddling. Most hour-long spinning classes will clock you in at about a 15- 20 mile ride, depending on your speed. Did you know you can do push ups on a bike? You can.

Spinning workouts are hard, and if you rarely hit the gym, I would suggest working up to them for a few weeks before jumping in. During the class you might want to kill your instructor, or cut off your aching legs- but afterwards you feel the rush of endorphins that accompanies a solid workout.

For any guys that think spinning is for women, I challenge you to take a class. You will feel more centered and proud that you accomplished something physical after your long workday. Many gyms offer free week-long trials, and some classes might let you attend a class free before committing, so check it out! Reduce your stress and remember to stay healthy post grads!


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