You thought it ended after graduation didn't you? Turns out it doesn't. I used to bake as a procrastination method. Below is a list of things I need to do but instead have been watching Dollhouse:

  1. Laundry
  2. Reading David Sedaris
  3. Vacuuming my room
  4. Finding the vacuum
  5. Cleaning the bathroom
  6. Buy toilet paper (don't worry, I'm not completely out yet)
  7. Making lunches for work
  8. Throwing out useless items like a welcome letter from the George Washington University Hospital. (I'm not sure what they are welcoming me to, I don't work/study/go there.)
  9. Cleaning my car, inside and out. There's sap on the windshield and I'm afraid of the backseat. I found Apples to Apples in the trunk though!
Is there anything you are currently procrastinating?


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