Most Ridiculous Pickup Lines

Men have interesting ways of trying to get in my pants. Personally I find pick up lines to be more hilarious than effective, but they still keep trying. I guess pick up lines are just part of dating as a Post Grad. Single men our age, especially after they have a few drinks in them, think they might actually work.

Well Post Grad males, they don't. I promise. Not once have I ever slept with someone who used a pickup line on me. I did laugh though. And I'd like to share just a few of the the funniest.

"My d*** is so jealous of my mouth right now. I think you should make things even."

"Let's role play True Blood. You be Sookie and we can f*** fangbanger style."

"I'll give you $50 if I can squeeze your a**. $100 if I can see it."

Those are my top three. Have any of you ever used or received a ridiculous pick up line?


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