Obligatory Earthquake Story

I feel like I need a post about the earthquake yesterday, mostly because it rocked my life in so many ways. It was my very first physical earthquake. I never want to experience one again. Maybe it was because I was not prepared for it in any way, maybe because they are scary, who knows really? I did decide that I think earthquakes are the scariest natural phenomenon. The ground moves. You can can't hide from that. No shelter can be found when the ground itself is moving.

My first thought though when it struck was that the shaking was caused simply by construction. Then it got stronger and things started coming off the shelves. My first instinct was to run, but to run where? I was wide eyed and horrified.

I am sure people near the epicenter were more in danger than I was, but it was still very traumatic. I decided that the next place I live can't be on a fault line, that's how traumatic.

I want to share one of the emails we got from a client immediately following the incident that made me laugh:

"I grabbed the backup device. It is in my hands. Now what?"

Kudos to you for grabbing the backup, many people I know thought of that only after they ran outside, but we really don't control what happens next.


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