Meet Liz Funk

Hey readers, in the next week, The Real Post Grad is going to be a virtual book tour stop for Liz Funk, author of the new e-book series Coming of Age in a Crap Economy. Liz is a New York-based freelance writer and author whose already written for many impressive publications, such as USA Today, the Washington Post, Newsday, New York magazine, the Christian Science Monitor, and Oh, and she's only 22.

Although she is clearly accomplished, Liz still experiences the same things we write about on a daily basis here at The Real Post Grad. It might seem hard to believe with her impressive credentials, but Liz actually hasn't been offered the coveted full-time job with benefits that we post grads seem to strive for. Instead of wallowing in the hopelessness of the economy, she instead uses her new e-book to talk about how post grads can create their own opportunities and make the best out of their situation, which is definitely something we stand behind.

We think Liz is pretty inspiring, and we're excited to read and review Coming of Age in a Crap Economy early next week. At the end of the week, Liz will be stopping by at The Real Post Grad to answer some of your questions and give away a copy of her book! Stay tuned!


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