A Little Bit Texas

I have a good friend who is a Texan in every way: big hair, southern twang, loves country music. There is a Texas BBQ restaurant that recently opened in DC that she has been trying to get me to go to. Last night, we finally went.

It's funny because the restaurant is actually one of my clients. I couldn't help but ask the management how their phones were working while I was at the bar. They thought I was really drunk, little do they know, now I can make sure the phone at the bar downstairs gets fixed on Monday.

Anyway, Hill Country BBQ in DC is the 2nd of it's kind. The owner has one in New York City as well. I had never been to a Texas BBQ place before. I had expected waiters in cowboy hats to greet us and for everything to be bigger than it should be. I was disappointed that when the waiters were just all wearing matching t- shirts that said "Hill Country" on them.
The place looked rustic, but in a very fake kind of way. I have never been to a BBQ in Texas, so I am not sure how the place should have looked, but I think they did a great job. I felt like I had gone from the busy DC streets straight into the heart of Texas. There were wooden tables lines up cafeteria style, and you ordered your food cafeteria style too.

Oh the food! I had the Moist Brisket on the recommendation of my Texan friend and I am SO glad I did. The meat was so tender it melted in my mouth. It didn't even need condiments, which is a lot coming from me. I put condiments on everything. The Campfire Baked Beans were also noteworthy.

The restaurant also has free live music every Saturday night. Last night, lucky for me, there was a band playing that was more rock than country. And they knew Tom Petty songs, which we requested when we made friends with them between sets.

So I learned that I love Texas food, I need to acquire more country-worthy clothing, and that country boys can sometimes be sexy.


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