Deception Point

Deception Point by Dan Brown

Dan Brown has an amazing way of making something boring into something intriguing. Like a meteorite. I mean, they can be cool in the "oh wow this came from outer space" kind of way. However, when you start getting into the actual science of it, you lose my interest.

Unless you are Dan Brown. I have never wanted to know what made a chondrule and chondrule more in my life. Hell, I didn't even know what a chondrule was until now. Nor have I ever cared so much about how an oceanic vortex was created and what kinds of life forms thrived in them.

After reading that last paragraph, would you expect this book to be a murder mystery? I didn't either. I honestly had no idea where the author was going with all this until about a third of the way in. Mystery books have never been high on my list of good reads, but this man knows how to make it interesting.

I must admit I have a small bias because several of his books take place in DC. I happen to live in DC so reading about places that I am familiar with makes me more interested than if I was reading about a dead end road in Oklahoma. Tell me the character is on Leesburg Pike headed towards the FDR memorial and you've got my attention.

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Rating: 4.2/5 Stars


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