Location Inspiration

I'm not going to be moving from Rochester for a while, but lately I've been starting to get excited about the next place I'll eventually live. The only problem is... I don't know where that will be.

For a while, my heart was set on Austin, TX. Then summer graced Rochester with it's presence and I realized that just as I hate blizzards and driving in Rochester snow, I also am not made for 100 degree weather.

So I'm just throwing this out there to our readers- where are you all from? Do you live in an awesome city or do you have plans to move anywhere exciting? Have you visited a city that would be perfect for young professionals?

I need location inspiration!


  1. long island! ha! totally kidding ;)

  2. San Francisco...perfect for young professionals as there are a lot of job opportunities out there. Plus, it´s beautiful, there´s a lot of stuff to get incolved in, the people who live in the area are generally very smart & have a calmer personality than most east-coasters. Look into it!