An Epic Graduation

This weekend I ventured home to Stone Ridge for my sister's graduation. I must tell you all how proud I am of the Shi-kar, it not only made it to New York and back, but only needed one tank of gas each way! Talk about efficiency, my car has it down!

Anyway, I chose a fantastic weekend to return home considering New York finally legalized gay marriage while I was there. I remember when Mayor Jason West performed 24 gay marriages while I was in high school before someone took legal action against him. He is, to this day, one of my heroes. He was only 26 when he went against what the rest of his state believed in to do what he thought was right. And finally his State has followed suit.

So in the midst of this epic change in my home state, we sat on the lawn of the football field hoping the clouds didn't burst until the diplomas were done being received. One of the student speakers opened with a quote from the Princess Diaries, to which I giggled. Although, his speech was one of the better I've heard at a high school graduation. Finally I got to see my second of three little sisters graduate. I am so proud of her and hope she continues to do great things.

Because of the weather the actual ceremony was postponed from Friday night until Saturday morning. With an unexpected free evening, the Struber Sisters decided to make our own Epic Meal. I don't know if any of you have watched the Epic Mealtime videos. I hadn't until a sister showed them to me this weekend. They include drunk Canadian men making dishes that are both disgusting and amazing at the same time. And every recipe includes bacon and Jack Daniels. They have titles such as Tequila Taco Night and Fast Food Lasagna. Ours was not alcoholic and included maybe 1/8th of the amount of food they used, but tasted amazing none the less. I leave you with one of the videos to watch for yourselves.


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