The Benrik Challenge

Have you ever heard of the Benrik challenge? I hadn't either until about 10 days ago. I follow College Candy on Twitter and they had a great link to an article about it. Apparently there is a book with 365 days worth of random things meant to put you out of your comfort zone and change your life. Sounds corny at first doesn't it?

But think about it, I know I've had at least a moment every day for the past few months where I feel like I'm not doing anything with my life. The feeling that something has to change or I'm going to go insane. You all can't tell me you haven't had these thoughts since graduating.

Enter: The Benrik Challenge. I bought the book from the day I read that article. It just came in and I am browsing through all the things I may be doing soon. Challenges include things like: discretely flip off strangers all day, spend no money day, pretend to be a tourist day, dress in a power suit and go to lunch alone at a fancy restaurant - introduce yourself to diners as the owner. All of these sound really entertaining to complete.

Allison bought the book as well and we are going to do the challenge together. We haven't decided entirely how we are going to fashion it yet, though. 365 days is a long time and we want to shorten it a bit. We were thinking of having to complete 75 of the tasks by October 1st. What do you think?


  1. I LOVE this idea!!!!!!! Love, love, love it!!!!!


  2. Oh my gosh I WANT this book. What a fabulous idea. It sounds like such a great way of getting people to look at the world from another perspective. Love it!

    Thanks for the inspiration guys!