Things You Forget You Need

I am 2/3 moved into my new place! While this is a great accomplishment and I am SO close to being done with this horrible process, I have realized that I have forgotten to bring/buy some of the things I use most often. Most of this is kitchen stuff previously shared between 5 people that I only realized I didn't own after leaving. Other things are mine but I didn't think to bring them at first.

  1. Wine Opener. I was so upset last night when I realized the one I had wasn't mine and there was none at the new place either.
  2. Bathroom trash can. Seems important now that I think about it.
  3. Lamp. I had only seen the new place in the daylight, until I moved in. And it was dark.
  4. And I had a bed to put together. And realized there was no ceiling light.
  5. Pot holders. So small. So simple. So forgettable until you try to drain your pasta.
I have learned my lesson. And will be going to Target tonight to get all of these things.


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