1 year

This coming weekend marks one year since I graduated! Like Shikole, I've decided to write a list of a few things that I want to accomplish before I hit the two year post grad mark.

1. Write and publish an e-book (a little hint for you guys.. it may have a little something to do with this blog!)

2. Finally learn how to play my guitar. I've had it since I graduated high school and can play a few Bob Marley songs and random chords. This will change over the course of the year!

3. Buy or lease a new vehicle.

4. Experiment more in the kitchen. I seem to have no problem trying out new baked things, but cooking more complex dinner foods actually make me nervous! Since I now have my own kitchen I want to experiment much more!

I'm sure there are many more goals that will pop up, but for now I think these are a good start! What about you readers, do you have a #1 goal for the next year?


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