What Could be Worse?

*Note: Post written in airport, but airport wanted me to pay for Wi-fi. So being posted now.

I have to pee. If you know me at all, you know that this fact rarely makes me act. One of the most popular phrases that leaves my lips is “I have to pee, but that involves getting up.” I would much rather wait until I can literally no longer stand the uncomfortable feeling of urine filling my bladder to actually get up and use the bathroom.

Now I’m in an airport. Having to pee is much more difficult than just getting up. When traveling alone, like I am currently, there is no one to watch your bags as you pee. No, I am going to have to bring my luggage with me. And lug it into the stall. Try not to put it down in a puddle of something. Then lug it back out and try to find someplace else to sit.

The flight itself does not help the need to pee. Many flights have cut the snacks, but will still supply beverages. It seems great at the time, getting a little extra from the money you spent on the plane ticket. Then the flight attendant pours that plastic cup with as much liquid as the ice permits, and hands you the can with the remaining liquid. It is refreshing as it goes down, but wait 20 minutes, then tell me how you feel. I bet it is very similar to the way I feel right now.

I still have to pee.


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