Weekend Changes

When I was in college I used to DREAD having errands and chores to do on the weekends. I would rather make my grocery trip at midnight on a Thursday if it meant my Friday night, Saturdays, and Sundays were free for fun (and the occasional large paper assignment).

Now a days, I look forward to the errands I used to hate and I don't mind at all when a major chunk of my weekend is spent organizing my life. I actually enjoy organizing my closet, I don't mind vacuuming out my car, and grocery shopping is very relaxing. I'm not sure if it's because I simply have less time during the week available to do these things.. or... I'm starting to grow up?

Do you all feel this way too? Or am I just turning into a Bree Van de Kamp? (You can ignore that last sentence if you're not a Desperate Housewives fan.)

I guess I'll ponder this more while I'm off dusting and organizing my sock drawer.


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