Prep Work

Today I'm leaving for Turkey. And I'm scared to death I'm going to forget something important. Like my shoes. Or my passport. I also began to pack 12 hours before flight time. Mostly because I hadn't had a chance to do my laundry before then. Don't judge me, I had very good friends in town that I hadn't seen in months. putting off laundry/packing was worth it.

I have a tendency to be extreme when it comes to packing. Either I plan on wearing pretty much the same thing every day, or I feel the need to have 3 options for every day. I refuse to check luggage so I'm going to hope less options work.

Vital things that I may need in a foreign country are as follows:
  1. Advil. I don't know what it is called there or if the strength is the same or where it's sold. It's coming with me.
  2. Power Adapter. None of my American electronics will work in the outlets without one. Lucky for you guys I bought one before my trip.
  3. Cash. ATMs over sees charge even more fees than here in the US. I know, it's hard to believe.
  4. An open mind. It sounds corny but you know it's true.

Wish me luck!


  1. I am so jealous -- have fun, can't wait to see pictures!!!!

  2. Can't wait to read about your adventures!