Istanbul vs DC

There are so many subtle things in life that lend to a culture. It took coming to Turkey for me to realize them. I have several examples below but also need to take this time to tell you all that pictures will only go up after I return to the states. I forgot my camera cord and cannot upload them yet.

So, subtle cultural differences.

  1. While the Turks drive on the same side of the road as we do, I have yet to see an automatic car.
  2. The salt and pepper shakers are backwards. In the US salt is the one with less holes "because it's bad for us," or so my mother told me. Here salt has 3 holes and pepper 1.
  3. The way they count their floors here has me all confused. It starts at 0 and then goes up. The first floor is not the lobby floor. No, No, No, that would be too easy for me to grasp.
  4. Taksi drivers don't try to rip you off. Leaving the Grand Bazaar today I got a little lost. And by that I mean I never knew where I was to begin with. I walked around for a while hoping I'd see something familiar. Luckily I did so I knew I was in the right part of town, but had no idea where to go. I got in a taksi, told him where I was going as he drove off. He stopped and told me to walk, it was literally around the corner. And charged me nothing. In DC they would've taken me the 20 feet and over charged.

I'm off to find a place to eat!


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