It's Not About Us Anymore

In high school we volunteered because it would look good on our college applications. We found the program that began at the latest time possible on Saturday morning and required the least amount of effort. We did it like we were supposed to, but not many of us enjoyed it. We volunteered because we thought we had to, not because we wanted to.

Now there is no one making us do it. And we get nothing out of it. Now is when volunteering and charity actually counts.

When was the last time you donated your time, money, or old clothing? If you can't remember you should probably read the suggestions below. If you can remember, I hope you will add to my list of charitable things we can do.

One website that can help anyone in the US find a volunteering opportunity is You can search by city, keyword, or even post your own opportunity. They are currently promoting the MLK 25 Challenge, challenging Americans to do 25 acts in 2011 to improve their communities and make a difference.

Other charities to check out:
  • Habitat for Humanity. People need homes built, and building a home with your own hands can feel amazing. You might even learn something that will come in handy later when you own a home of your own.
  • Find a Food Bank. Feed America has a great listing of food banks all over the country and can put you in touch with one to volunteer with. Food is something very basic that all humans need to survive, help get rid of some hunger.
  • Donate clothes and/or time to Goodwill, Salvation Army, or Vietnam Veterans of America. There are donation boxes all over the place that you probably never thought twice about. There are other ways to help too.
  • Homelessness is a huge problem in America. Try volunteering at a homeless shelter to help those in need find affordable housing, or prepare for job interviews.
  • Boys and Girls Clubs need volunteers, especially male volunteers, to mentor kids that need a role model. Take a kid under your wing and make a difference,
We are needed more than ever Post Grads. Most of us don't have extra money to donate, but we do have time to give. Instead of sitting on your couch watching TV all day Saturday, try reaching out and lending a hand to someone in need. You won't regret it.

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  1. I am so glad you posted this! I joined a women's volunteering league after I graduated from college, and it was one of the best post-grad decisions I've ever made. Not only have I made some incredible friends, I've been able to donate my time and money to causes that I wouldn't have on my own. Plus, doing volunteer work helps me to put all of my problems into perspective, and helps me to realize that I don't have it half bad. :)