10 Minutes of Me Time

This morning I got in my car to go to work 5 minutes later than I should have. I pulled out and got to my 3rd red light when I got a call from my boss. He asked me the strangest question.

"Are you by any chance still near your house?"

Why yes I am Mr. Boss Man, I was running late today and am right next to my house. He then asked me to sit tight for 10 minutes until he called back. So, post grads, I had an unexpected 10 minutes to sit on my couch and do whatever I please.

This time has been a little confusing for my brain this early and without coffee. First I was running late and rushing, now I'm relaxing on my couch writing to you all. It also surprised me what my first instincts to do were.
  1. Check NYtimes.com to catch up on what is happening outside my office
  2. Look for a job with Google because I can't afford to buy lunch and they provide it free
  3. Write this post
What would you do with 10 random minutes to yourself?

And now my company BlackBerry is ringing and I have to go back to the real world. My couch was great while it lasted!


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