How To Be Sick

Sorry for the lack of updating readers, but I have been battling a monster sickness. It's gone from fever, to upset stomach, to laryngitis, to coughing. According to the doctor it's viral and there is nothing I can do about it other than wait it out. I've been trying to find my "magic over the counter medication" combination, and in the process, I've learned a few things about colds and how you have to learn to deal with them as a post grad.

The first thing I've learned is to take time off from work if you need it. Last weekend, when my cold was at it's worst, I assumed I would power through my work days easily and rest up at night. Wrong. I ended up having to take off on Monday to recooperate a little bit, and I'm so glad I did. It's tough to give up your personal days, or even take time off without pay, but your health is more important.

The second thing I've learned is that cough suppressants are a HUGE waste of money. As post grads, we've got to save every penny we can! All suppressants do is try to stop the coughing reflex, and frankly, many don't work. at all. Theraflu extreme cough and cold? I'm talking to you buddy.... Try to find the root of your cough, and then attack that sickness with over the counter medication. In the meantime, suck on Fisherman's Friend cough drops. Those things are miracle workers.

The third thing I've learned is that being sick as a post grad means saying no to fun things as well. I've missed a few social gatherings in the past week that I was really looking forward to, but I know I would have a miserable time if I went. It's more important than ever that I'm healthy enough to come into work, so I've learned that I actually need to take it easy until I am completely better.

What about you post grads, how to you handle sickness? Any amazing coughing remedies that I haven't heard of yet?


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