Don't Feed Into the Hype

I've noticed that New Year's Eve celebrations are often over rated. Your plans rarely turn out as you had hoped: the person you wanted to see ended up showing up with someone else, it snows 2 feet and you can't leave the house, you accidentally indulge in too many libations before the party. Last year Allie and I almost had to cancel our plans because of snow, but we convinced a friend with 4-wheel drive to bring us to the party.

So how can you prevent disappointment on New Year's?
  1. Expectation Management. Don't get your hopes up too high! Don't think it's going to be the best night of your life and it might just turn out that way.
  2. Libation Management. Don't overindulge too soon. Keep a steady pace so you're ready to go when the New Year rings in.
  3. Romance Management. Unless you are in a committed relationship, go solo. Why create more pressure with a relationship that is iffy? And why not find someone dashing at a party who is equally looking for someone to kiss at midnight? If you don't have someone to kiss who cares? You have to live up to no one's expectations but your own, which should already be managed as per step 1.
  4. HAVE FUN!!!! Stop over thinking the night and just have fun.

Good Luck and prosper post grads!


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