Hi guys, I'm back from a short trip home and I'm fresh out of inspiration, so I'm stealing Shikole's post idea and making a list of a few 2010 highlights.

1. Having the ability to go home and see my family this year, even though I live five hours away. It's been much tougher this year without built in college breaks, but I've still managed to be home for every holiday!

2. Graduating in May & finding a job. Enough said.

3. Meeting so many new friends without losing the old ones. I've met so many nice people since moving to Rochester, and am lucky that I continue to share bonds with my college and high school friends. (getting to see some of them again over Christmas break was awesome!)

4. My boyfriend. I met him in 2010, and while we are very different people, he always sees things in a positive light and I learn from him everyday.

5. Starting out my career in Rochester (especially this summer). People that have never been to Rochester see it has more of an industrial city without much to offer. They are wrong. I live in the best neighborhood, with so many summer festivals, parks, restaurants, shops, nightlife. It has everything. If only I could somehow stop the snow..


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