Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang

Chelsea, Chelsea Bang Bang by Chelsea Handler

Hilarious. And not just for girls. This book has wit and hilarity for both the sexes. I have a really good male friend who just finished it after my recommendation. And no he's not gay or metro sexual in any way. He's a man's man, and still read and liked the book.

His only qualm was that Handler told the story as fact, but in reality there was no way she could've remembered such minute details and conversations. I tried explaining that the book is simply BASED on her life, and that she gets some lee-way as a writer, but he wasn't having it.

The book was typical Handler. If you've ever watched her show on E! the book is very similar. Her tone in the book makes you feel like you're watching the show.

And the subject matter is amazing. Handler is living proof that you can still have fun and drink and go out, and also have a steady boyfriend who puts up with you and a successful career. I don't know if I would ever believe a word out of her mouth after reading about the pranks she plays on the gullible people around her, but it's entertaining for the rest of us.

Overall rating = 4.3/5 stars


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