ISPs for Dummies

By Shikole Struber

I work at an IT Consulting firm. (Still not sure why) But I'm picking up a couple tricks of the trade while here. Like which Internet Service Providers are better than others. Most locations are only serviced by a couple, but it's still good to know what you will be getting. Now that you live on your own, dealing with the internet is all on you.

My Ranking:

  1. Comcast. Customer service is the 2nd best of all the ISPs. It's a little more pricey than Verizon but so worth it for the service. They also service a large scope of places, both residential and busniess.

  2. Speakeasy. This one is very pricey and meant for business connections. However it's easy to get around the business stipulation at home. Their customer service and technical support is THE BEST I have evr experienced.

  3. Cox. While getting ahold of them for assistance is a pain, once you have a representative they do well for you. Price is around the same as Comcast but they service less locations. Most of DC doesn't qualify for it but VA does.

  4. Verizon. I personally cannot stand Verizon. Their customer service line is horrible. You can almost never get a person. You are on hold for long periods of time. Once you get a person they decide it's not the right one and transfer you, causing you to be on hold again. They are a bit cheper than Comcast but not worth the trouble.

  5. RCN. Not one of our clients uses this ISP. I think that speaks for itself.

I have also lerned that rebooting your modem will fix most problems with your internet. Try that before calling anyone. Here is a video that explains how to do so.


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