Thirsty Thursday

By Allison Sass

Thirsty Thursday has a whole new meaning in post grad life. In fact, the term should also be extended to thirsty Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. We're not talking about "thirsty" days that include heading to the bars on weeknights and skipping your 8am morning class the next day. We're talking about water.

As someone who admittedly does not drink enough water, I feel like  I can pretty accurately explain the side effects of dehydration. For me, dehydration combined with lower blood pressure = dizziness. Have you ever been walking around on a hot summer day and felt like the world was moving without you, for even a split second? Drink a glass of water!

Some other common symptoms you might experience include lower back pain, stomach cramps, excess body fat, sunken eyes, and lethargy.

Post grads today tend to focus their beverage consumption around caffeine and alcohol, both of which actually cause your body to become more dehydrated. In order to be in great shape for the workday, and for life in general, start drinking water! Buy your own water filter and water bottle to save on money since bottled water is bad for the environment and gets expensive very quickly.

Recently, I've been making an effort to break my bad habits and drink more water throughout the day. I haven't felt dizzy since I started this regime a week or so ago, and have pledged to continue.  Join me?

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  1. Try to stay away from "diet" sodas as well. Those chemicals they place in the drinks for taste make you more thirsty and are found to increase body fat...just a thought.