Weekend Dilemma

By Shikole Struber

1:37 am - Crawl into bed. Glass of water next to you, and a trash can just in case.

5:13 am - Get up to pee. Crawl back into bed.

8:42 am - Look at your phone. Try to make out what it says. 8 anything is too early. Roll over.

10:07  am - A neighbor is mowing the lawn. So much for sleeping late.

When do you get up on the weekends? It's great to have the option of lounging in bed. I've missed my bed a lot lately. But there's nothing to actually wake up for. It doesn't matter if I get up at 10 am or 1 pm or if i just stay in bed all day. I'm not as ambitious as Jack Johnson to make banana pancakes. And I'm not always hungover enough to just sleep.

Today, somehow, I had motivation to get up. Likely because I decided to be lame last night and recharge myself instead of depleting my body further. It's amazing the world that exists before post grads decide t wake up. I can see my childless neighbors doing yard work. (Luckily our landlords are in charge of that.) I can see some neighbors who do have kids walking to the community pool. It's only 10 am. I'm not the morning kind of person, but these people make me feel like I've already wasted most of my day.

So how do you handle waking up on the weekends?

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  1. I have totally lost my ability to sleep in on that weekends, and it is torture! I guess waking up every day at 6am is too strong a habit to break-plus my boyfriend usually works on Saturday and wakes me up at an hour never intended for productive human activity.

    I used to lounge about all weekend, but that got to be sort of depressing. I'm beginning to make weekend plans in advance-like brunch dates with college friends, and there is no better time to get my errands done. I love going to farmer's markets in the summertime, and they are all over the DC area. It's sort of a blessing to be able to "reclaim the weekend." It's fulfilling in a way that doesn't even compare to sleeping the day away.