Whistle While You Work

By Allison Sass
Pandora.com is a free internet radio website that allows you to create your own personalized radio stations based on genre, artist, or song title. It's perfect to listen to during the workday (with headphones of course so you don't disturb co-workers.. unless you all agree on a station). Best of all... it's free!

Each pandora “station” features music that is similar to your artist or song request. If the station isn’t what you had imagined, you’re free to skip a portion of the songs, or create a new station, while saving your first one for later.

Pandora was created as a music genome project by a group of individuals who wanted to develop the most comprehensive of analysis of music to date. Pandora has such accurate stations because these individuals have taken the time to analyze thousands of songs for similar musical qualities-just to provide listeners with the best “musical universe” possible- all for you to enjoy!

So stream on my friends, and spice up your workday with some tunes!


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