Lonely Tylenol

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By Shikole Struber

Not only is this a palindrome, but it reflects how you feel after graduation when you realize most of your friends have moved back home thanks to the economy. Almost everyone's lease was up in May. And now, not only are they leaving, but you are expected to help them pack up and go. Your list of friends to call up to join you for a drink has been shrunk to a mere third of the size it was a couple weeks ago. No one is available to go get dinner. You can't find someone willing to sit through the newest installment of your favorite movie series. There's not even anyone to eat all of the food you bake when procrastinating doing laundry.

Should you make new friends? Make due with the ones who stayed in town? Jump on the bandwagon and move home as well?

I decided to make due with the ones that stayed, and try to get the ones that left me back to visit as often as possible. Visits can be amazing. A break from the redundancy of working full time, or the aggrivation of the job hunt.

What approach would you take?


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