Amp up your Lunch

By Shikole Struber

It's hard to pack lunches for work that are original after a while. Sandwiches easily become blah, salads are ordinary and for some reason there just isn't enough leftover pasta for the next day. So spice up lunch hour (on the cheap of course)

  • Add avacado. Works for sandwhiches and salads. Simple and makes it more intersting.

  • Add a different kind of cheese. Instead of boring old American or Provalone on a sandwhich try munster, or mozzerella. And in a salad add some feta. Cheese can also spice up a pasta dish. Some shredded cheddar will make the marinara a lot less boring.

  • Mix and Match. Instead of JUST a sandwich maybe pack some potato salad as a side. Or bring some baguette to have with your salad.

  • Condiments. Condiments can change the whole tone of a meal. Put BBQ sauce on your turkey instead of plain old mayo and mustard. Try a new salad dressing instead of the tried and true ranch. Ditch the Marinara sauce for some alfredo.

  • Hot and Cold. Bring something to warm up and a cold dish to eat. The variety of temperature will make the meal more interesting for your taste buds.


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