Walk After Work

By Allison Sass

Unless you've scored a job as a park ranger, it's likely that you're sitting in an office chair for most of the work day. Walking is a great way to relieve new job stress and is enjoyable for those of all different fitness levels. I guarantee it will feel great to stretch those legs and inhale some fresh air!

While I've always preferred jogging, I recently started walking due to a heat wave that made running in 95+ degree weather unbearable. I moved to the Park Ave area of Rochester, NY just a month ago and found that by taking the time to walk around my new neighborhood, I've learned to appreciate my surroundings.

Before heading out for a walk I always make sure  my ipod has a few great playlists ready to go and that I've got a bottle of water in hand.  The next time 5pm rolls around, get outside and enjoy the sunshine!


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