Decorate Your Space... Work Space That Is....

By Allison Sass

So, you finally landed your first full time position!

8:50 am: You walk up to the front desk at your company smiling ear to ear and explain that it's your first day on the job.

8:58 am Your boss takes you on a tour of the office space and you gush inwardly about how this is now YOUR office.

9:01 am: You wave to your new co-workers and flash that "first day" excited grin.

9:05 am: You are shown to your workspace where you will be spending 8 hours of your day Mon.-Fri. Whether it's a desk, cubicle, part of a table- you are ecstatic because it's YOURS.

9:25 am: The excitement wears off as you realize that you actually have to do work at this gray, bland, workspace you've been provided.

Don't fret- here's a few easy ways to personalize your workspace into your own inspiration station.

Colored Post-It Notes

It may seem childish, but color has a way of inspiring focus and making our days a little bit brighter. Jot down your ideas and daily tasks on your favorite color post-it and add a few bursts of color to your workspace!

A Plant

According to Planet spider plants, jade plants, and peace lilies are "un-killable" office plants that can add some green to your workspace.

Personalized Files

Daunting reports may seem more bearable when presented in a personalized file folder. While these files are colorful and fun, they are likely best used around your desk only. When presenting an idea to your supervisor utilize a more traditional file color.

Computer Background

If your new job requires you to spend lots of time in front of the computer screen, make it a screen you like looking at! Most computers offer free personalized options for backgrounds- so take advantage!


  1. Another great plant choice is bamboo. They can live in water, so no dirt, and are nearly impossible to kill, even if your cube has little to no natural light.

  2. o0oo0o! i like the colorful post it idea for decorating your office space! I hope you did it!