Warby Parker

Does your health insurance plan offer minimal or no eye care coverage? Still need new eyeglasses? I would highly recommend checking out Warby Parker.

Warby Parker is an online shop that offers a wide range fashionable and vintage inspired frames for men and women. The best part? Your Warby Parker prescription glasses of choice will only set you back 98 dollars.

As other glasses wearers can attest, glasses are not cheap. Before checking out Warby Parker, I went to a few different stores, including Empire Vision and Lens Crafters, and found that they charge upwards of 300 dollars for very standard frames and lenses. I'm very picky when it comes to shopping for anything, so I always have a tough time finding glasses in stores that are perfect for me, and I really don't enjoy the salespeople that breathe down your neck while you're looking.

Buying glasses online seemed impossible to me at first (how do you try them on???), but it's actually very easy with Warby Parker. Here's how it works:

Step 1: You need your prescription. I see an opthamologist since eye problems run in my family and I had cataract surgery in high school (that thing old people get...), so I got my prescription from my doctor. If you don't see an opthamologist, you can get your eyes tested at an optometrists office for around 60-90 dollars (sometimes there are even sales on eye exams).

Step 2: Visit warbyparker.com and pick out five frames that you like. Warby Parker mails you these frames (including return packaging) for free so you can try them on in the comfort of your own home. And make your family members and boyfriend vote on their favorite like I did.

Step 3: Place your order. You can even scan in your prescription if you're afraid of filling it in wrong on their site, or simply give them your eye doctor's number and they will call to find out your prescription for you!

Step 4: Wear your awesome glasses and feel proud of yourself for getting such a great deal. Warby Parker does not accept insurance, but does offer you a receipt that you can mail to your insurance company if you do get some coverage.

Warby Parker has gotten a bit of a reputation as a hipster brand in the blogosphere which is why I initially tried going the more traditional route when I needed new glasses, but I can assure you that even though some of their styles border on hipster territory, many do not!

My new Warby Parker glasses!
Feel free to ask me any questions if you've considered Warby Parker, or visit them online- their customer service department is very helpful.

(I also just realized this post sounds like an advertisement for Warby Parker, but I wanted to clarify that we were compensated in no way for this review! I just really love a good deal. )

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  1. So cute! I've been thinking about using Bonlook for glasses, but will have to check Warby Parker too!!