Throw Away 50 Things

I have a little bit of an issue with throwing things away. I'm not a hoarder by any means (you've seen my apartment! I have proof!), but I do sometimes find myself attached to certain things that hold "sentimental value" that really just clutter up my life and surroundings. Old copies of the magazine I wrote for in college? Sure, it would be fine to save one of those.. except I found about ten copies of each issue in my old college backpack the other day. A necklace that I bought for a school dance in high school? It might hold a sweet memory, but I had questionable taste back then, and it's pretty much just clogging up my jewelry box at the moment.

There's also plenty of un-sentimental clutter, like the almost empty Bath & Body Works lotions I save just in case I need to smell like Cherry Blossom or Sensual Amber someday. Or the old bank statements that accumulated on my desk before I finally went paperless.

So, this weekend I plan to use an idea I read about on the website Makeunder My Life and throw away 50 things in my apartment. The fifty items can include clothing, outdated paperwork, or even smaller things smaller things like makeup or dried up highlighters (yup, pretty sure I've got some of those laying around too). I'm planning to donate anything that's in good shape, but the rest of my junk will be finding a new home in the dumpster.

Stay tuned for photos.. this should be interesting. Anyone else want to take part in the challenge with me? Link up your blog below!


  1. What if I already did that? Literally the day after I graduated, ha. But I'll look for 25 things to throw out and I'll fill you in...with blogging overcourse!
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. I need to do this! My basement is full of "sentimental clutter" that I need to go through but have just been too lazy!


  3. I really should. I'm a clutter queen and everything has some kind of "sentimental" value. Lol. It's so hard to part with things. And its funny because I could have it stored away in my closet for years, never know I have it, find it and store it back in the closet. yet, i can't throw it out? That has to be a problem. lol

  4. Everytime I move (which has been A LOT in the last few years), I do a total purge of my belongings and my storage. My rule is that if I don't think I'll remember that I have it, then I'm getting rid of it. Obviously, there are items that really do have sentimental value, but I try to keep only the smallest items that will take up the least space in storage or on display. This may sound weird but taking a picture of something you want to remember but don't necessarily want to keep can be a good solution (like stuffed animals. I mean, they don't really go with my adult decor).

  5. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Let's hope we can all make some headway with our organization goals :)

    @Jenny, I like the photo idea, how unique! Although I definitely still have some stuffed animals at my parents house that I'm not parting with... haha