Apartment Detox

This weekend I completed the "throw away 50 things" challenge from my last post. Let me tell you, it was an amazing experience. It reminded me of one of those those fancy rejuvenating juice cleanses that eliminates your toxins, except for your apartment. Or so I've heard.... I don't have the will power needed for juice cleanses.

I'm pretty positive that I could easily find about fifty more things in my place to trash and will definitely repeat this "apartment detox" in the next few months. Having less clutter around helps me to feel at peace, which is exactly what I need after a long day of work. Here's photo evidence of my results:

In the mix: shrunken clothing, old credit card bills, assorted beauty products, old magazines, college papers, uncomfortable shoes, art project disasters.. the list goes on and on.

In addition to my cleaning binge this weekend, my boyfriend and I went pumpkin picking and carved them up Saturday afternoon! I carved mine into a nighttime scene, as depicted below. Did anyone else know that white heirloom pumpkins have light green insides? You learn something new everyday..


  1. OMG! I Love love love your pumpkin!!!! And I should probably join you in the "throwing away 50 things" challenge.

  2. Moving in with three other girls gave me real perspective on what of my material possessions are really necessary! This is a great exercise to go through like every couple months!

    And that's a lovely pumpkin!

  3. Cleaning out your closet is both fun and tiring. I always enjoy taking out things from the cabinet whenever I get the chance to clean it. I'm always surprised to what I find.

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