The Tech World

I used to know nothing about technology. By nothing I mean I could press the "on" button and then I was lost.

After being at my job for about 16 months, I now have some knowledge as to how things work. So much so that I can give instructions as to how to set up email from the server on an iPhone. But now I have noticed that I've crossed over to the dark side.

When friends explain the state of their technology at work I get stressed out. The company my roommate works at does not even have a domain. They use gmail. And not one of their computers has more that 512MB of storage space. I actually had a reaction to this; I needed to fix it. I started laying out an upgrade plan in my head and explaining why my way is better. And I actually knew what I was saying.

I was watching FlashPoint the other night and had a similar reaction. They started talking about assigning a dynamic IP to something and I actually started yelling at the television. You need a static IP to do anything like that.

This is no doubt a sign that I work too much, but it is also a sign that I am learning things I never had an interest in before. I still don't think I have much of an interest, but knowing that rebooting a computer solves most of its issues is very helpful in life.

I am glad that this job has taught me something, but I hate that I am now picking up on tech related issues outside of work. I need to bake something to make this all better. Maple Spice Cookies anyone? (hint: there will be a recipe up for this later.)


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