Random Thoughts Before a Long Weekend

Nothing like waking up with a head cold to start off the labor day weekend right! Tonight I'm packing, consuming as much Vitamin C as possible, and then trying to get to bed early so I can wake up, work a half day, and drive 5hrs home for the weekend.

I can't wait to relax at home and see my parents, but I'm also excited because my boyfriend is coming with me this time around. There is something about showing off your hometown to out of town friends or boyfriends that really helps you to see it with new eyes. I'm hoping this weekend will be a great way to send off Summer 2011.

Speaking of that... where did summer go? How is it that college kids are already back to classes? I guess when your working full time summer really is just a season. I can't complain though, because this summer I managed to fit in some pretty fun activities.

1. Last weekend, I visited Niagara Falls (about an hour and a half drive from my apartment). We stayed on the American side, which I have to say is definitely not as nice or built up (or clean) as the Canadian side, but it's always amazing to see those huge falls.

2. I finally went to see a minor league game for the Rochester Red Wings (Triple-A affiliate of the Twins). They lost, but watching the game with a beer and popcorn on a beautiful summer night was just so fun and relaxing.

3. Saw fireworks. One of the towns here puts on July 4th display that is on par with Disney World fireworks.

4. Went on a double date mini golfing. So cliche, so summery.

5. Exercised outside and swam! I know I still have more time to do this, but after being cooped up all winter, running around my neighborhood just does not get old.

There's more, but these were some of my favorite summery highlights this season. Are you sad to see another post grad summer leave us behind, or are you ready for fall?


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