5 Classes I Wish Had Been Available

Classes started this week for colleges across the country. While I miss college a lot less than I did last year, I've been thinking of classes that I wish were available to take. I keep reading articles about how college is meant to expand your mind and not to get you a job and they are making me angry. Obviously college is meant to expand your mind, but there is no reason that it can't also prepare you to use your mind in a practical way that will land you a job.

So, a list of classes I wish had existed:

  1. Essay Writing in 140 characters or less. Employers need effective social media people. Even Obama's Re-Election Campaign is looking.
  2. How to Swallow...your Pride. In college it is encouraged to challenge authority and stand up for what you believe in. In the work place it is a little less so. Telling a professor he is wrong and explaining why you think so gets you some respect; telling a boss he's wrong likely gets you fired.
  3. Time Management. In college we would procrastinate for 2 weeks, then pop an adderol or drink 3 Monsters and write your 25 page paper in a night. Not an option at most jobs. You need to manage your time effectively so you can leave sooner.
  4. Stupid People 101. Unfortunately once you have a job where you deal with people you will understand this. You can't just tell people to Shut the F*** Up when they are being stupid. That's how you lose clients. You need to learn to manage the stupid people so that it has the least effect on the business.
  5. List Making. Personally, I'm already an expert at lists, but there are so many people who would benefit from them. It helps both your organization and you evaluation. If your supervisor wants to know what you did today, all you have to do is show them what is crossed off of that list. No stumbling for words so they know you were on FaceBook.
Those are my top five. Are there any other classes that you wish had been available in college?

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  1. this is excellent, especially #2, but they're all great. i suggest "how to find a healthy affordable lunch in thirty minutes or less."