Love Lost

Since graduating I have lost my love for politics. I was a political science major for 4 years and adored following the polls and critiquing the platforms and watching the debates. Now I feel like all of politics is a game of manipulation that I don't want to play.

Opening the New York Times on my computer screen this morning is what cemented this feeling. There was a headline that read "Seeing Ripple in Jewish Vote." I like Jews so I read the caption of the article: "Republicans are hoping to seize on unhappiness among some Jewish voters over the president’s treatment of Israel."

That is when I got angry. Republican plan on using the unrest of a group of people to gain support. Not only that, but it is a complicated issue that Republicans themselves probably wouldn't have handled any differently. Oh, not to mention that not all Jews are Israeli and they are just putting them all in the same generic group.

I don't want to pretend that I know about the Israeli conflict because it is not my specialty, but I know enough to have lost some respect for my country's politics.

In college an election was exciting. To me it was a chance to make America better. Obviously there are voting blocks that candidates cater to and it is a competition so some people play dirty. I don't think it's exciting any more. I would rather see our politicians helps people and better the country instead of waste their time going in circles about the debt ceiling. The debt ceiling is important, but not more important than the homelessness in our country, or the job market, or the schools that are suffering. I think our politicians need to get their priorities straight and stop playing games.

On a similar note, I really want to know how much money is spent on elections compared to charity in an election year. Think about it.


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