Crazy Drink

Last night, I headed out to Wegmans to pick up a few groceries and stumbled upon a very unique drink. It's called "blk." and is mineral water that's naturally black.

The prodcut description from Amazon reads "Our proprietary blend of fulvic acid (a derivative of plant matter) is mined from an 80 million year old source deep within the earth. Naturally black in color, the formula binds to the molecules of our pure Canadian spring water giving blk its signature black color, with no artificial dyes, coloring, or additives. Fulvic acid is critical in the growth of plant life, helping the transportation and absorption of nutrients. Fulvic acid's small molecular structure allows for the fast absorption of over 77 different trace minerals and elements, powerful electrolytes, and antioxidants." 

I had just gone for a long run so I figured I could use some extra minerals and electrolytes, plus, it's black water, so I had to try it. The verdict? It looked like un-carbonated Pepsi and tasted.....just like water. My boyfriend said that if you chugged it, the drink left a slight multivitamin aftertaste (ew) in your mouth, which I couldn't really taste.

The effects for me came about an hour afterwards. I suddenly felt so incredibly energized, but not in a caffeine induced sort of way. My stomach had the same feeling I get after taking a multivitamin. Needless to say, I wish I had saved my blk. drink for this morning!

I definitely would suggest that anyone try this new drink. I found mine right in the checkout line, but you can also order them online through sites like Amazon. Not only will you get a ton of minerals your body may be lacking, but you can also brag that you drank black water. Or freak people out with it. Your choice :).
My only advice is to drink it before 8pm, as it does give you a kick of energy!