Whose Job is It?

Last week a co-worker of mine was fired. He did not take it very well and decided to create a scene. While everyone else was watching the commotion, all I could think was "great now I get to do more work."

In a company, what is the right way to deal with a sudden and unexpected loss of part of the team? Whose job is it to cover the workload that is dropped? And don't say everyone should chip in, because not everyone has the skill set to do so. And in my case all the responsibility has fallen to me. Not to mention all the work to find someone to replace the departed co-worker.

So, post grads, this is why I have been out of commission lately. Work has become insanely stressful. More so than usual. Have any of you ever been in the position to fill the gap at work? Did you know what you were doing? And more importantly, did your actual job fall to the wayside while trying to do the 2nd one?

I cannot wait until this weekend when I get to visit a dear friend for her birthday far far away from work. Sigh.


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