Too Young

I'm finding out that the 20's are a very strange time in a young adult's life. I'm stuck at this age where I'm expected to make adult decisions, and while I seem to be moving through the motions just fine, I sometimes still feel like a teenager who is struggling to find her way.

Take this whole car buying process as an example. I did tons of research before purchasing this vehicle, test drove four different cars, researched dealerships, interest rates, insurance costs, and saved up for a down payment. Is this something a 16 year old could handle? Probably not. (Well, not me at least at 16.) Yet, I still felt so unsure about the purchase, like I should be in my late 20's making this decision, instead of 23.

I'm proud of how far I've come in just a year since graduating, but I'm wondering when the confused teenager inside of me will fizzle out. Does you ever feel this way? How do you cope?

Sorry for this slightly depressing post. I'm headed to Lake Ontario tonight to watch the sunset so I'll have some fun pictures tomorrow to share with you all.


  1. I've only be graduating 2 months (yes already freaking out about life) and I know how you feel :(

  2. i, for one, am proud of you snapster! =) way to go!