Giant Chicken

One of the great parts about being a post grad is that we have the freedom to make questionable decisions whenever we please, and can usually afford those decisions. Right now Allison and I are searching the internet for a Giant Metal Chicken. You read that correctly, and it is exactly what it sounds like.

I was first introduced to this idea by a friend this morning who sent me a random link. The link contained a hilarious blog post that made going to work an hour early almost worth it. Enter: The Giant Metal Chicken.

As you may remember, I recently moved. My kitchen is currently empty in the way of decor. After reading the above post, I have my heart set on filling the space with a Giant Metal Chicken. A friend and I spent a good amount of time last night trying to find one online. We failed. I am disappointed and stunned that the internet could produce nothing even close to what I was looking for when I searched "giant metal chicken."

There are so many uses for this hunk of metal I don't own yet. I could scare guests. I could scare my roommates. It could hold potholders on its beak. It could be cool. It would require no upkeep. Maybe it could even be used as a bottle opener. The possibilities are endless. But for now, my dreams of owning a giant metal chicken need to be put on hold. If any of you know where I can find one please let me know. It needs to be at least 5 feet tall.


  1. Hi Shikole,
    I too MUST have a Giant Metal Chicken however being in Australia I fear my quest may not be as simple as yours. Good Luck


  2. We had one at a restaurant I used to work at and I think the owners got it at Home Goods, but it was a few years ago. We thought it was creepy at first, but had a good time moving it to different areas of the restaurant.

  3. They do have them online. Check Metal Rooster yard art. Or, if you're ever in Fort Worth, there's a little corner produce stand down the street from my house that sells all sizes.