A quick way to save 20 bucks

Do you find that it's easier to pack a lunch or go out for lunch on workdays? I always bring my lunch with me to work. This is partly because I work in an area of the city that pretty much requires you to drive (and park amongst city traffic) if you want to get something to eat, and because eating out for lunch every day can get very expensive.

Let's do the math:

If I chose to visit a local deli to get a sandwich every day I would prob. drop about 7.00 per day on a sandwich, snack, and drink.

7.00 x 5 work days= 35.00 per week spent on lunches

Here's what I bring for lunch from home instead.

1. Salad-I split up a bag of salad into four services and sprinkle in some salt, pepper, and corn. One bag = 2.00. This means the salad costs me 50 cents per day.

2. I generally bring a baggie of Special K cracker chips (those things are amazing). They cost about 2.00 per box and I split the box up into five or six servings. Approx 35 cents per day.

3. Baby carrots- Only 99 cents per bag! I generally split up a bag into four servings, with a grand total of approx. 25 cents per day.

4. Almonds- 5.00 per container, I split them up into 8 small servings. That's about 63 cents a day.

All together, my daily lunch costs me about 1.73 a day, or 8.65 per week.

While I definitely switch up what I bring with me every week, it always falls way below the 35.00/ week price tag from eating lunch out everyday! I know that in some professions, lunch meetings are the norm, so I'm not sure how I would adjust my budget if eating lunch out was a necessity.

What do you all bring to lunch? Or do you work a job that requires you to eat out with co-workers/ potential clients? Any affordable snacks I'm missing out on?


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