Lightning Never Strikes Twice

Summer in DC is quite predictable. Extreme heat followed by extreme thunderstorms with very small amounts of bearable weather in between.

Currently it is storming. While some people think thunderstorms are beautiful or relaxing or romantic I just would not describe a thunderstorm that way. The last storm knocked out my power for 4 hours. This is not as bad as last summer when we went without power, including a refrigerator and AC, for 5 days. I really should not complain at all after that horrid experience. But 4 hours without power is just as inconvenient.
On top of the lurking possibility of the lights going down and my Internet connection being stopped, there is also the theatrics of thunderstorms that don't sit well with me. The flashes of lightning, while beautiful to some when they slash through a darkened sky, make me jumpy. I'm already on high alert normally, it's just my nature. So when flashes of bright light come through my window I tend to freak out a little.

And the thunder. The rolling, crashing, breaking, however you'd like to describe it, is intense. I have literally screamed twice this week because a crack of thunder was so loud and caught me off guard. It also tends to make me jump.

None of these things make for a very happy post grad when all I'd like to do is cuddle up in bed with Netflix. DC summers and I have never really gotten along.


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